February 26, 2015

Living Room Pinspiration: A New Mini Series

It's that time of the year again, moving time. I've moved every year for the past 4 years.  I should be a professional mover, except I hate moving and would call out "sick" every day.  This year, however, I'll be moving in with my boyfriend and we are having to do the whole compromise thing on decor.  He's very traditional and simple, think brown leather sofa with matching coffee and end tables.  He'd prefer, probably like most men, to go to one store, pick out a completed room set with lots of dark colors and leather and call it a day.  I, on the other hand, gravitate towards eclectic rooms with light neutral colors, heavy on the metallics. I don't mind, and in fact love, revamping older pieces and keeping things from being too matchy matchy.

I thought it would be fun to share the experience with you all as we transition into the new house and essentially decorate and furnish it from the ground up.  He's had roommates the past 5 years and has been lucky enough to not need to purchase any furniture of his own (aside from his bedroom furniture).  We'll be using my living room and dining furniture initially, but will replace that hopefully sooner rather than later.  Through this mini series, I'll share with you photos and ideas I am keeping for inspiration as we find a happy medium somewhere between my taste and his.

I knew I was going to have to give a bit on the whole "white, cream, silver and gold" color palette I have going on currently at my apartment. I don't like buying things just to fill a space and since this will be a place we will hopefully be at for a long time, I really wanted to fill it with stuff we both really like.  I have been holding out on buying anything for the new house until I found that one piece we both liked and could use as the starting point around which the room would be decorated.  I was at Marshall's a few weeks ago and spotted this rug and immediately fell in love! The blue color is gorgeous and lucky for me, Leif liked it too!

My couch, that we will start out with, is a cream color, but eventually Leif wants to get a brown leather couch. I like the pillows in contrasting colors, but will probably opt for none of them to match yet be in the same color family. I also like the touches of white and silver, we'll probably do similarly.

Hopefully the rug will be the perfect size for our living room, it's a 5x7 and I'm aiming to put it under the coffee table, but in the event we don't like the look of it there, I like the look of patterned curtains in the same color. I also want to get a large mirror to sit above our fireplace. Our house is actually set in in almost the same way, with the fireplace on the far wall and windows on either side, so I also like the chair positioned by the window, I could read for hours there. 

I love the look of a gallery wall, but sometimes they can be too overwhelming for me visually.  I like the look of shelves to give some cohesiveness to everything while also allowing pieces to sit on them much in the same way a bookshelf would look. 

I love the rustic elements of this room; the lanterns on either side of the fireplace, the moss and cotton center piece, the books casually leaning on the back cabinet and the burlap and wire basket in from of the fireplace.  I think I could get a similar look with things from Michael's and HomeGoods.

What are some of your favorite (affordable!) home furnishings and decor stores?  I am so excited to get the project underway!

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