January 30, 2015

What I Ate Today (& this week)

I am so interested in what people eat, it's kind of bizarre.  I nanny for three little girls and each day when I pick up two from school I always ask "What did you eat for lunch today?" I just love food. I love eating it, cooking it, watching shows on it, does that make me a foodie? Anyway, today I thought I'd share with you what I might eat on any given day.

Before diving right in, I wanted to say my style of "meal planning" is a little different,  here's how and why. Each Sunday I choose one thing to have each day for lunch and one thing to have each night for dinner, the same thing each day (or roughly the same thing, excluding the weekend) Why eat the same thing every day?  Living and alone and cooking for one lends itself very easily to being wasteful with food, something I can't stand! It's just throwing money away.  Most recipes are for anywhere from 4-8 servings and cooking dinner each night with leftovers in those amounts can cause my refrigerator to get out of control quick.  I also find that having some sort of consistency makes it easier for me to make healthy decisions and not be as tempted to snack on leftovers all night.  And lastly, most nights I work until 5:45/6, then head straight to the gym and wont be back home until 7.  I then have to shower and might not be able to begin cooking until 7:30, having precooked most of my meal in advance makes it much less stressful to pull together dinner when I get home later.

I know this style of "meal planning"/prep isn't going to work out for everyone, but it works really well for me and this is what I ate this week...

I usually don't switch it up too much during the week with breakfast, it's usually two packages of Quaker Instant Oatmeal Lower Sugar in the Maple & Brown Sugar variety. I know this could be healthier if I made the oatmeal myself, but this comes down to the convenience factor. I also always have a 1 liter bottle of water and aim to drink 3 a day. The flavored water is something new I picked up from Publix and it's really good!

I usually get hungry mid-morning and this week I decided on grapes, apples, a Mini Babybel cheese and my trusty bottle of water.

For lunches this week I made wraps and if you like spicy food and live near a Publix, you need to try the Boar's Head Chipotle Chicken Breast from the deli, it's so good! I used a cheddar and jalapeno wrap with garlic hummus spread, lettuce, red onion, chicken breast and light sharp white cheddar cheese.  I added a side of carrots and Publix brand chili lime hummus and started my second liter of water for the day.

After I pick the girls up from school we have a little snack and this week to satisfy more so my sweet tooth than hunger, because man these things are small, I choose Fiber One's new mint chocolate chip brownie bars.  Again, not the healthiest or most filling, but it was good!

This week for dinners, I made crock pot shredded buffalo chicken, from this recipe.  For dinner I like to make something that I can eat a few different ways just in case I get bored of it by mid-week, I usually don't, but just in case. Tonight I topped some whole wheat pasta with the chicken and it was so good!  Earlier in the week I had this chicken over brown rice with a side of green beans and I also made a grilled buffalo chicken sandwich with whole wheat bread and cheddar cheese the following night, both were delicious!

I hope you liked this peek into my meals of the day, let me know what some of your favorite healthy meals are!

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