May 8, 2014

What I Watch on Netflix

I'm just going to say it, I love TV. I am perfectly content gluing myself to the couch for hours only getting up to refill my water wine glass.  The only thing that bugs me about television (aside from commercials every 2 minutes, oh how I miss you, DVR) is having to wait months between seasons, I can barely last a week between episodes! Don't even get me started on "mid-season finales", that one really gets my blood boiling, Pretty Little Liars, I'm looking at you. Being that I am an American, naturally I like myself some instant gratification, and I choose mine in the form of back-to-back episode binge watching: Enter: Netflix.

My addition to Netflix is real, I watch it every night and honestly I'm scared to even know how many hours I've logged on that site killing my brain cells. Today, I decided to share my top favorite shows with y'all, feel free to enable my problem by leaving me your favorite shows to watch!

Bates Motel-  I had heard really good things about this show, so I decided to rent the 1960's film,Psycho which Bates Motel is a prequel for and then start Bates on Netflix. I think I flew through the entire first season in less than a week, it is really good! I am really into psychological dramas like this, and if you are too I suggest this show. Also, I have a mini crush on Dylan.

New Girl-  My current favorite show! Oh my gosh, I can't even describe how laugh out loud funny this show is.  I have never been a huge fan of Zooey Deschanel's which initially steered me away from watching this when it first aired on TV. After hearing nothing but rave reviews about it I finally gave in and am pissed it took me this long as I'm halfway through season 2 and they're currently in their 3rd season, meaning I'm going to be waiting quite some time for that baby to make its way to Netflix for my viewing pleasure. It's hilarious and makes me want three guys as roommates. 

Prison Break- This show was one of my boyfriend's favorites, and he suggested we watch it. This is a prime example of a show I am glad I was able to watch back-to-back episodes of, because having to wait a whole week would have given me an anxiety attack.  It's a little (read: totally) unrealistic which isn't unlike most things on TV, but it's still so good.  Without spoiling anything, the ending sucked in my opinion, but it was totally worth watching; I got really attached to the characters in this one. 

Orange is the New Black-  I had heard reviews of this show where some people felt prison was romanticized, and while the show certainly doesn't portray prison as the most terrible place in the world, it definitely solidified the fact that I'd never last. The show is based off of the true events in Piper Kerman's life which landed her in a women's prison for a year for transporting drug money 10 years prior. OITNB makes me feel every emotion in the book, I laugh, I cry, sometimes I want to throw up, it's a real roller coaster for me. If you decide to watch this just know it's for a more mature audience. 

Gossip Girl- Well, duh. I mean seriously, just watch this for the fashion alone, I don't know that I've seen a better dressed cast ever. I watched the first 2 or 3 seasons when it aired on TV and then for whatever reason fell off the wagon.  When I started watching this on Netflix, I averaged a season a week and at 42 minutes an episode and about 20 (give or take the season) episodes a season, it's safe to say this was the show that ignited my passion for all things Netflix. Also, I love Chuck Bass.

What are you favorites to watch on Netflix or just in general?

May 7, 2014


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May 2, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

In just over a week, Mother's Day will be here, and as someone who thinks wholeheartedly they have the best mom in the world, I love celebrating this holiday.  It can be tricky though, deciding on the perfect gift, one that both shows you care, but doesn't break the bank.  Below I have some ideas, that I think any mom would love to receive.

Feeling Luxe:  Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume.  Let me start by saying, this stuff is pricey.  For less than an ounce, 0.68 ounces to be exact, it's $50! However, it is the best smelling perfume I have ever smelled.  Anytime I pass by it at a cosmetics counter, I always spritz some on and while I have yet to justify spending the money on it for myself, gifting it to someone would be a really luxurious little gift. Available at Nordstrom

Natural Beauty:  Mirage Premium Organic Argan Oil.  I have pretty dry skin, but I've always been afraid of using oils on my face, it just sounds like a bad situation waiting to happen.  Back in December however, I purchased the Tarte Maracuja Oil and shortly after the Joise Maran Argan Oil and fell in love with them! I notice a huge difference in my skin when I don't use them. The Mirage Organic Argan Oil, comes with interchangeable spray nozzle and dropper lid, use the spray for your hair, scalp and a lighter mist of the face or use the dropper for a more concentrated application to the face before bed. Available via Amazon

Pet Lover: Any dog or cat lover, sorry to the rest of you pet owners, would love this cute kitschy personalized pet drawing.  The simplicity of the artwork and plain black frame make this a super chic sketch. Available via grandinroad

The Hostess:  This makes me want to throw an outdoor BBQ right away! Switch it up for different holidays and parties: strawberries, Sprite and pink lemonade concentrate would be cute for the 4th of July, regular store bought juice would look so much better at a baby shower coming out of this beauty, or simply use it in your fridge for water or iced tea. Available at Sur La Table

Fitness Fanatic:  This watch not only calculates your calorie expenditure and heart rate, but also beeps once you've reached your optimal heart rate and can recall your last 10 workouts. It's sleek, comes in various colors and a lot cuter than some fitness watches I've seen.  Available at Nordstrom

Sun Goddess:  For anyone who loves the pool, beach or lake, this beach bag would be really thoughtful and unexpected! I love how it's not only waterproof, but how it's clear to make searching for things easy, but has some coverage with the flowers so all of your belonging aren't displayed for the world to see.  An added bonus would be filling the bag with some bright fun nail polish, a magazine they enjoy, sunscreen, anything you'd use on a hot day by the water. Available at Crocs

Classic with a Twist:  Sometimes jewelry really is best, and you just can't go wrong with a great pair of stud earrings. I like the sea foam green iridescence of these by Kate Spade that take them a step up from your average crystal studs. Available at Neiman Marcus