December 17, 2014

My Christmas Wish List

I'm finishing out the Holiday Gift Guide Series by sharing with you what is on my Christmas wish list.  I don't know when it happened, but it seems like each year I find myself wanting less and less.  It may not even be that I want less, but that I really like being surprised by what people come up with for gifts.  I stopped making a list for my mom years ago because I learned she gets me way better gifts than I could have come up with asking for.  With that said, there are always things I have my eye on, and this year is no exception, so without further ado...

1. Sorel Boots.  I've been wanting a pair of boots I can wear during Winter that would be good in the snow and rain.  However, since I live in the south and it doesn't snow all that much I wanted something that would also look cute on a dry cold day.  I've been torn between Sorel boots and glossy red Hunter boots.  I just think both would be so cute with some leggings and tall thick boot socks!

2.  Samsung Tab 4 cover. I realize this is $13 and I should probably just buy it myself, but out of sheer laziness I have not bought one yet and I have 2 scratches on my brand new Nook to prove it!

3. Knife Set. A good knife really is something you can tell a difference in, but man they're expensive! I have a very cheap set from Ikea that was great initially, but now they're so dull, I feel like I need 911 on speed dial when using them, I just know I'm going to chop my finger off. This set is cute and has everything I need

4.  Bar name necklace. I've liked these for a long time now, they're just so simple. I think this would be super cute as an every day necklace, and the best part, you can get whatever you want engraved on it.

5.  Perfume is always a hard one for me because I like so many.  I definitely favor sweet scents like Prada Candy, but I had a sample once of Twirl by Kate Spade and like it a lot too. Also, those bottles are so pretty, they're just as much a decoration piece and as a beauty item. 

So there you have it, a few of the things I've been eyeing as of late.  Feed my curiosity and let me know some things that have made it onto your wish list this year!

December 16, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

I don't know about you, but opening my stocking is one of my favorite things to open on Christmas morning! I can always count on Chap Stick to be in there (which I love!), but I also like seeing what other little things my mom has come up with to stuff in there and how she kind of tailors it specifically to my sister, brother and me!

It baffles me when I see people suggest super expensive stocking stuffers.  In my opinion, just because that $100 Tory Burch wrap bracelet is small enough to fit in a stocking does not make it a stocking stuffer!  Today I've come up with a few fun ideas that I think would make awesome stocking stuffers and most are under $10!

1. Fun comic strip bandages.
2. Gift card to the movies
3. Leopard earbuds. I'm always forgetting mine at home, so extra earbuds are always nice!
4. Cozy wool socks for a guy or festive metallic socks for a girl. Both on sale now!
5. Lotto tickets, possibly the gift that keeps giving! These are always cheap fun to me.
6. It wouldn't be a stocking stuffers gift guide without me recommending my favorite thing to find in my stocking, lip balm! This EOS Trio is super cute and you could even divide it up among multiple stockings.

If you have any ideas for stocking stuffers, leave them in a comment below! I hope you're all having a great week!

December 9, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Him

This year I have been knocking out the Christmas shopping early! I'm usually not one to wait until the last minute anyway, but it's December 9th and I only have about 4 more gifts to get! I don't know about you, but I really do have more fun buying for people and watching them as they open something they love rather than opening my own gifts.  It's just so much fun to get something you know someone will be excited about! Today it's time for the second installment in my Holiday Gift Guide and for perhaps some of the hardest to shop for, well for me anyway.  Today I bring you...

1. Is there anyone who doesn't like music? I included three for this first gift idea, because I do truly think Bose is the best when it comes to sound quality, you just get a louder more powerful volume in my opinion, but that's not to say there aren't completely wonderful more affordable options, which is why I included this Phillips iPhone 5 speaker dock (they also make one compatible with the  iPhone 4) Prices vary greatly in the Bose line and this Bose SoundLink Mini would make an excellent luxury gift idea, it's sleek and the sound it puts out is incredible.  Another great mid price option is this Bose SoundLink Color, which as you could have guessed, comes in 5 fun colors! I also love that they all have the option to play without having to be plugged into the wall; the Phillips system will run with 4AA batteries, while the Bose systems have rechargeable batteries.

2.  Both this Mark & Graham Leather Valet and Pottery Barn Catchall would look really nice on any guy's side table to corral all of the things usually strung about; keys, wallet, watch, and if you're my boyfriend, chap stick.  I love the idea of monogramming it also with either just their first initial or all three. And remember, guys don't follow the first, last, middle monogramming order like women do, theirs is in the regular first initial, middle initial, last initial order!

3.  I love these Kiehl's sets, and one may be finding its way under my tree for my boyfriend. I can't tell you how much it pains me to see him slather whatever lotion is laying around all over his face as a moisturizer. Sweet Cinnamon Bakery Cookie Dough? Yep, that'll work. My skin freaks out just watching. These sets are awesome because this larger Ultimate Man Refueling Set comes with a face wash, shave cream, moisturizer, lip balm, body scrub bar soap, and hand cream, everything he'd need and more! While this Essential For Him set is just that, the essentials, smaller versions of everything from the first set minus the lip balm and hand cream.

4.  Fitness watches are booming in popularity right now and there seem to be a thousand to choose from. This New Balance LifeTrainer is awesome because it tracks you steps throughout the day as well as total distance, but what's really cool is it also tracks the calories burned throughout the entire day and automatically resets at midnight. For a more intense fitness watch I love the Polar RC3 and right now Amazon has an amazing deal on it.  It has GPS, so it will track you mileage outdoors or other places you run/walk where you otherwise wouldn't be able to track that. This watch also comes with a "back to start" feature in which the GPS directs you back to your start point; this watch also has a rechargeable battery!

5. To me, slippers are one of those gifts I never really think to ask for or buy myself, yet when I have them, I love them! I love the inner fur lining of these super luxe Ted Baker Slippers, while I also like how these Old Navy Moccasin Slippers lean more towards looking like real shoes, they also come in four other colors.

6.  I'll admit I'm late to the Patagonia bandwagon, but I'm in love with these Pullovers and may be putting one on my Christmas list this year! The fleece is incredibly soft and warm and they too come in an array of color combinations.  Over at Amazon you can find this half zip pullover which I think would look equally as good worn out for date night or dressed down going to the dog park on a chilly day.

And there you have it! I have a few on these in the back of my mind to gift to people this year and hope that I was able to help some of you get over the hump that is shopping for guys!  As always, be sure to share your own ideas below, let's help each other out!

December 2, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

I am so excited to be doing another Christmas Gift Guide Series this year! Last year's was so much fun for me to do and I hope they helped some of you! This year, however, I am doing them a little bit different.  The Stocking Stuffers part will remain the same, and be gifts under $20, however the segments designated to "Him" and "Her" will be different, here's how...

I am always very honest when recommending something, be it on my blog or in real life. I don't suggest things based on how expensive they are or how popular they are at the moment, I always recommend things I truly believe in.  However, that being said, you will see that I rarely recommend extremely expensive things, as I don't have the budget to typically spend money like that and honestly believe a lot of the time you can find wonderful, comparable products for much less. I'm a nanny, and while I'd love to be able to drop $1,000 on a handbag, it isn't realistic!  When the holidays roll around everyone has their own budget and if I'm able, I like to splurge a bit more on the gifts I give.  This year I will be showing you extra special gift ideas for when you want to spend a little more, along with an equally wonderful more affordable option! I hope you enjoy the new twist this year!

First up...

1. L'Occitane Hand Cream and Soap & Glory Hand Cream-  I like to gift people things they may not normally buy for themselves, but that doesn't necessarily mean expensive.  It's easy to toss a $3 do-it-all body lotion in our grocery cart the rest of the year, which makes little luxuries like rich hand cream a nice treat to receive.

2.  Chic Daily Planner and Erin Condren Life Planner-  It doesn't matter how many times I put dates and appointments in my phone, I am 10 times more likely to remember important dates if I write them down.  The Target planner is chic and simple, perfect for a school agenda whereas the Erin Condren life planner is just that, there's a spot for everything (meal plans, goals, to-do lists, etc!) and they're cmpletely customizable and able to be personalized! Don't like the teal cover on the one shown? There are about 50 other options to choose from including a personal photo collage cover!

3.  Tea for One Set and Loose Leaf Tea Cup-  It seems tea has blown up in popularity lately and either of these would make a cute gift to the tea lover in your life.  Not a tea fan? You could easily rework this idea with a coffee mug and seasonal bag of coffee, or my personal favorite coffee accessory, a reusable k-cup. I got mine for about $4 at my grocery store in the coffee aisle.

4.  Sephora Fragrance Sampler and Sephora Rollerball Sampler-  I was given the fragrance sampler as a gift one year and it is in the top 2-3 gifts I've ever been given, I loved it! With both sets you get mini samples of some of Sephora's best selling perfumes as well as a voucher for either a free full size bottle or a rollerball, depending on which set you get. It's a lot of fun testing out each perfume and how it wears with you, the mini sizes are also really convenient for travelling.

5.  Initial Necklace and Personalized Necklace-  One of these two may make an appearance on my wishlist this year, I love how simple and dainty they are, perfect for wearing alone or layering with other jewelry. And while I think these would be great for new moms (my mom got my sister one with the first initial of her new baby's name) I also think it would be cute engraved with a special date, a sweet affirmation ("have faith"), bible verse ("Psalm139:14"), or simply the recipients name, which is what I have my eye on.    A bit of advice though, order early if you're wanting anything embroidered, engraved or personalized otherwise, it usually takes 2-3 weeks and turn around times get even longer during the holidays.

6.  Urban Decay Naked Basics and Urban Decay Naked-  Any makeup lover, any age would love either of these neutral palettes.  I have the Naked Basics and use it in some form every single time I put on eye makeup, it's perfect for travel and with only 6 shadows can surprisingly do multiple eye looks.  The original Naked palette is a beauty cult favorite and for good reason, with more shimmery but still neutral colors, it's easy to get really versatile looks that works with any skin tone.

I hope these ideas were able to help and spark some ideas of your own. Let me know below what you plan on giving this year! Next in the Gift Guide Series will be "Gifts for Him", be on the look out!

December 1, 2014

November Favorites

I don't have too many favorites for you this month, but the ones I do have I've really been enjoying, so I thought I'd share them with you! Don't forget to leave a comment with what you've been loving lately as well!

1. Biotin.  I have the worst hair for growth.  Seriously, I can't even remember the last time I had a real legit trim, usually every 3rd or 4th trip to the salon my hairdresser will finally say "how about I just dust the ends off".   My hair isn't the healthiest, and I know it; I've gotten it colored (all over and/or highlights) for the past ten years and while I rarely blow dry it and straighten it 2 times a week at most, up until recently I never used a heat protector.  I've tried to give my hair a little more tlc by using coconut oil masks and It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, but what really has been helping with the growth is Biotin. I've taken it before, but never regularly, whereas this past month I've made it my mission to take it each morning and I haven;t been the only one noticing a change in my hair.  I'm going to continue taking this for now, but if any of you have tips for growing your hair or damaged hair in general, please let me know!

2. Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water. This stuff is great at removing all of my makeup without drying my skin or burning my eyes. The woman who sold it to me at Sephora said she uses this as her only face cleanser and while I don't do that, it certainly does do a good job at removing excess oils and dirt as well. I start with this and follow up with my usually face cleansing and skincare routine.

3.  Crown Brush Double Sided Blender. This brush is fantastic for travel as it's double sided and takes up less space. I use this a lot when I go out of town for the Clemson games because it's all I need for a super simple makeup application; the larger side can pack shadow on the lid, while the smaller pointed side can get in the inner corner and right under the brow bone.

4.  Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. This mascara gives my lashes such volume! I love it and will definitely be buying the full size when this tube is empty.

5.  Clinqique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. This stuff completely saved my skin last month.  I have very dry skin and should have known better than to use an acne spot treatment on a few minor pimples I tend to get right before my period. I haven't used any medication of that sort in years and was reminded why; my skin completely freaked out and got severely dry, flaky and irritated. I was given a few samples sizes of this gel moisturizer and it has been wonderful for my skin, it's very moisturizing and I will definitely be asking for some for Christmas if I don't run out and buy a new one before then!

Those are all of my beauty favorites, but I also wanted to include random favorites this month!

Favorite Song(s) of the Month: "Begging For Thread" by Banks, "Blank Space" T. Swizzle, & "Rather Be" Clean Bandit
Favorite Show(s): House Hunters (I watch it every day while I'm at the gym!), Scandal & Dancing With the Stars (Val & Janel, oh my!)

So those are it, my favorites of the month. Let me know in a comment below some of your favorite things from November!

November 26, 2014

Everyday Makeup Routine

I work with kids, so my job doesn't requite much in the appearance department. Most days my honest "everyday makeup routine" is chap stick and a messy bun. However, on the days (weekends included) where I know I will be interacting with others and want to look a little more presentable, the following are my go-to beauty picks!

1. Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream- To be honest, this stuff is just okay to me, It isn't great, it isn't bad, I'm kind of indifferent to it. This is the oily/acne prone skin formula and while my skin is usually very dry, I got this when my skin was going through a freak out phase, but it has done just fine now that my skin is back to its normal state. I used to use Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer and absolutely loved it. It had great coverage for being a tinted moisturizer, but still let my natural skin show through. It is also $43 a bottle, so I've yet to repurchase it. If you know of any good affordable BB creams/tinted moisturizers, I'd love to know!

2. Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara. I've talked about this before, so it should come as no surprise to hear I love this stuff. This is the only mascara I've tried to truly leave not one single clump in my eyelashes as it claims. I don't get a lot of length or volume out of it, which is why it's perfect for a quick and natural makeup day.

3. Benefit Gimme Brow.  I did so much research on this before I bought it, because that tiny tube is $22! When I fist used it, I was so disappointed.  I should probably mention that I was an all or nothing kind of girl when it came to my eyebrows and I was expecting this to fill in and shape my brows as pencils did and it just simply doesn't.  I've since learned to love this as a very natural was to define your eyebrows as opposed to doing nothing at all. It really does make a difference and this, out of all of these products, is one I will wear to work even on days I do nothing else. 

4. LA Colors blush in Spice.  My mom gave me this awhile ago and I'm not completely sure where she got it from. I do know, however, LA Colors is an extremely inexpensive brand (I don't think anything is over $5) sometimes sold at The Dollar Store, Big Lots, and similar places. And while the actual product is surprisingly good (not chalky, and nicely pigmented) it's the color that I most love. Spice is a gorgeous bronzey mauve color that looks as if you married a bronzer with a blush. The bronze in it warms up the face while the pinky mauve gives you color and a glow.

5. Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Copper Chic. I've heard great reviews over this product for so long and for good reason. These are some of the best eye shadows I've ever used! They're buttery and smooth and highly pigmented! On natural days, I only use the first shade which is a champagne color to brighten the inner corners of my eyes. 

6. Ulta Cream Eye Shadow in Shimmering Topaz.  This is just a simple one step product to add a little life and color to your eyes while also concealing the veins you can sometimes see in your eyelids. Not much else to say, one swipe across each lid and I'm good to go!

I'm curious to know what are some of your "get ready quick" staples? 

November 20, 2014

November Ipsy Bag

It's time for me to share what I got in my November Ipsy/Glam bag! If you aren't familiar with Ipsy, they're a  $10/month subscription service in which each month you receive a "glam bag" filled with 4-5 deluxe, and often times full sized, beauty products.  I highly recommended if you're into beauty, skincare and hair to check them out, the value of my bag has always well exceeded the $10 I'm charged. Visit them here at

Now onto what I got this month...

1. Marc Anthony Argan Oil Hairspray, travel size. I'm usually not a hairspray girl, except when I am and then I'm always glad to have smaller sizes of stuff like this on hand!

2. Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Submissive, full size. This stuff is $14, so I've already gotten my money's worth in one product alone. The color of this eye base (read: cream eye shadow) is a really pretty bronze color that has fairly light pigmentation, but can be built to a medium coverage. 

3.  Elizabeth Mott You're So Fine Liquid Eyeliner, full size. This product is black with really subtle silver glitter that I thought would be perfect for the holiday season. I ended up being a little disappointed with this however, because the applicator brush is way too thick to get a precise line (see swatch below). If you like a thicker eyeliner look, you would probably enjoy this, the color is gorgeous.

4. Temptu S/B Highlighter, sample size.  I love a dewy complexion, so highlighters are always exciting for me to get.  This stuff is really liquidy and I found I actually like it best when I add it to my foundation for an all over glow rather than highlighting certain areas with it, as it's also pretty sheer and I have other highlighters that are better for that. I've been mixing it with my Maybelline BB Cream and it gives my skin a really nice and healthy bright look.

5. J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint, full size. This product  is just a mess to be honest. I've heard these are a dupe for the OCC Lip Tars and that's exactly what I though based upon packaging alone. When swatched it also  seems OCC Lip Tar-ish as a little bit goes a very long way. The color is a beautiful deep cranberry color, perfect for fall and when I applied it to my lips it looked exactly like I had devoured a handful of cranberries! This stuff is messy. I mean all over my teeth, bleeding outside of my lips, messy.  Maybe it would work better with a lip liner, but to me, while this color is pretty, it isn't unique enough to stress over the application and how well it's wearing each time I put it on. Retails for $4.99 at Ulta.

Temptu Highlighter, J.Cat Lip Paint, Elizabeth Mott Eyeliner, Be a Bombshell Eye Base

Are you subscribed to any monthly subscription boxes? Which others should I check out?

May 8, 2014

What I Watch on Netflix

I'm just going to say it, I love TV. I am perfectly content gluing myself to the couch for hours only getting up to refill my water wine glass.  The only thing that bugs me about television (aside from commercials every 2 minutes, oh how I miss you, DVR) is having to wait months between seasons, I can barely last a week between episodes! Don't even get me started on "mid-season finales", that one really gets my blood boiling, Pretty Little Liars, I'm looking at you. Being that I am an American, naturally I like myself some instant gratification, and I choose mine in the form of back-to-back episode binge watching: Enter: Netflix.

My addition to Netflix is real, I watch it every night and honestly I'm scared to even know how many hours I've logged on that site killing my brain cells. Today, I decided to share my top favorite shows with y'all, feel free to enable my problem by leaving me your favorite shows to watch!

Bates Motel-  I had heard really good things about this show, so I decided to rent the 1960's film,Psycho which Bates Motel is a prequel for and then start Bates on Netflix. I think I flew through the entire first season in less than a week, it is really good! I am really into psychological dramas like this, and if you are too I suggest this show. Also, I have a mini crush on Dylan.

New Girl-  My current favorite show! Oh my gosh, I can't even describe how laugh out loud funny this show is.  I have never been a huge fan of Zooey Deschanel's which initially steered me away from watching this when it first aired on TV. After hearing nothing but rave reviews about it I finally gave in and am pissed it took me this long as I'm halfway through season 2 and they're currently in their 3rd season, meaning I'm going to be waiting quite some time for that baby to make its way to Netflix for my viewing pleasure. It's hilarious and makes me want three guys as roommates. 

Prison Break- This show was one of my boyfriend's favorites, and he suggested we watch it. This is a prime example of a show I am glad I was able to watch back-to-back episodes of, because having to wait a whole week would have given me an anxiety attack.  It's a little (read: totally) unrealistic which isn't unlike most things on TV, but it's still so good.  Without spoiling anything, the ending sucked in my opinion, but it was totally worth watching; I got really attached to the characters in this one. 

Orange is the New Black-  I had heard reviews of this show where some people felt prison was romanticized, and while the show certainly doesn't portray prison as the most terrible place in the world, it definitely solidified the fact that I'd never last. The show is based off of the true events in Piper Kerman's life which landed her in a women's prison for a year for transporting drug money 10 years prior. OITNB makes me feel every emotion in the book, I laugh, I cry, sometimes I want to throw up, it's a real roller coaster for me. If you decide to watch this just know it's for a more mature audience. 

Gossip Girl- Well, duh. I mean seriously, just watch this for the fashion alone, I don't know that I've seen a better dressed cast ever. I watched the first 2 or 3 seasons when it aired on TV and then for whatever reason fell off the wagon.  When I started watching this on Netflix, I averaged a season a week and at 42 minutes an episode and about 20 (give or take the season) episodes a season, it's safe to say this was the show that ignited my passion for all things Netflix. Also, I love Chuck Bass.

What are you favorites to watch on Netflix or just in general?

May 7, 2014


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May 2, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

In just over a week, Mother's Day will be here, and as someone who thinks wholeheartedly they have the best mom in the world, I love celebrating this holiday.  It can be tricky though, deciding on the perfect gift, one that both shows you care, but doesn't break the bank.  Below I have some ideas, that I think any mom would love to receive.

Feeling Luxe:  Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume.  Let me start by saying, this stuff is pricey.  For less than an ounce, 0.68 ounces to be exact, it's $50! However, it is the best smelling perfume I have ever smelled.  Anytime I pass by it at a cosmetics counter, I always spritz some on and while I have yet to justify spending the money on it for myself, gifting it to someone would be a really luxurious little gift. Available at Nordstrom

Natural Beauty:  Mirage Premium Organic Argan Oil.  I have pretty dry skin, but I've always been afraid of using oils on my face, it just sounds like a bad situation waiting to happen.  Back in December however, I purchased the Tarte Maracuja Oil and shortly after the Joise Maran Argan Oil and fell in love with them! I notice a huge difference in my skin when I don't use them. The Mirage Organic Argan Oil, comes with interchangeable spray nozzle and dropper lid, use the spray for your hair, scalp and a lighter mist of the face or use the dropper for a more concentrated application to the face before bed. Available via Amazon

Pet Lover: Any dog or cat lover, sorry to the rest of you pet owners, would love this cute kitschy personalized pet drawing.  The simplicity of the artwork and plain black frame make this a super chic sketch. Available via grandinroad

The Hostess:  This makes me want to throw an outdoor BBQ right away! Switch it up for different holidays and parties: strawberries, Sprite and pink lemonade concentrate would be cute for the 4th of July, regular store bought juice would look so much better at a baby shower coming out of this beauty, or simply use it in your fridge for water or iced tea. Available at Sur La Table

Fitness Fanatic:  This watch not only calculates your calorie expenditure and heart rate, but also beeps once you've reached your optimal heart rate and can recall your last 10 workouts. It's sleek, comes in various colors and a lot cuter than some fitness watches I've seen.  Available at Nordstrom

Sun Goddess:  For anyone who loves the pool, beach or lake, this beach bag would be really thoughtful and unexpected! I love how it's not only waterproof, but how it's clear to make searching for things easy, but has some coverage with the flowers so all of your belonging aren't displayed for the world to see.  An added bonus would be filling the bag with some bright fun nail polish, a magazine they enjoy, sunscreen, anything you'd use on a hot day by the water. Available at Crocs

Classic with a Twist:  Sometimes jewelry really is best, and you just can't go wrong with a great pair of stud earrings. I like the sea foam green iridescence of these by Kate Spade that take them a step up from your average crystal studs. Available at Neiman Marcus

March 28, 2014

All the Time...

I need to remember this in not only good times, but difficult times as well.  God is so good!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

March 27, 2014

March 2014 Ipsy Bag

I just tried to start this post two different ways, "It's that time of the month again!" and "It's that time again!" and neither way could I read it without thinking it's that time of the month again.  So, it's Ipsy Bag time again, better?  

If you don't know what Ipsy is, it's a monthly subscription service in which you pay $10 for 4-5 deluxe and full sized beauty items.  Products in your bag range from skincare, to make up, to hair care, anything in the beauty world.  It's a lot of fun and the value of the products in my bag have always far exceeded the $10 I pay. Let's get into this month's bag...

1. The product I was most excited to receive was the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer. For someone who rarely wears anything more than tinted moisturizer and mascara on a daily basis, I love face make up.  Some girls like eye products or lip products, give me all of the foundations, concealers and primers I can stand!  This primer is a really pretty golden peach color that has a nice sheen to it to brighten your face, but doesn't leave you looking like a disco ball.  I've only tried it once, so the jury is still out, but so far, so good. 

2. Ipsy must really love the Be a Bombshell brand, and with good reason.  This eye shadow quad in "Bora Bora" is gorgeous.  As I said before, most days I don't bother with eye make up beyond mascara, but when I do take the time, warm golden colors like these are what I reach for.  The colors are really smooth, and pigmented and blend nicely, I even think that shockingly bright teal (which is way outside of my comfort zone) would look really pretty smudged a bit on the lower lash line. I'm thinking of doing a makeup tutorial with this quad. 

3. Is this bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in "Get Ready" not the cutest sample you've ever seen?! This is by far the best lipstick "sample" I have ever received.  The color is a "mauvey" natural color, and as with all bareMinerals lip products I have tried, feels amazing on the lips. 

4.  Ipsy also seems to love nail polish of all brands, and that's okay by me; I love receiving nail polish! This is from the Nicole by OPI "Roughless" collection.  The collection has four pastel colors, all with a matte, you guessed it, rough textured finish.  Now, when it comes to nail polish I'm a cream finish girl, all day, every day.  I like glitter polish every now and then and absolutely can't stand shimmer or frosty polishes, so I knew this wasn't going to be a new favorite.  Now, with that being said, I hadn't ever tried a textured polish and knew I would never go out and buy one on my own, so it was fun to be able to test this out and surprisingly, I didn't hate it.  I doubt I will every use it again, but I enjoyed testing it out and if you're into textured polish, I'd suggest trying this, it didn't begin to chip for quite a few days. I can't find this available online, but Nicole by OPI is sold at Target, Ulta, CVS, and other similar drug stores. 

L to R swatched: Bora Bora eye shadow quad, bareMineral lipstick, Pixi face primer

I hope you all have had a great week! Do you subscribe to any monthly subscription bags? 

March 17, 2014

DIY Hanging Full Length Mirror

Remember that time I apologized for taking such a long break between posts because of my move, said I was back to posting regularly and then fell of the face of the world after that exact post? Yeah, I suck sometimes.  In my defense I don't have a fancy photographer to follow me and snap pictures of my outfits of the day, so when my full length body mirror saw its final day, so did my mirror photo outfit pictures.

I have 3 posts lined up for this week though, and the first is this super easy way to hang those cheap hookless body mirrors from Walmart.

I don't understand why these mirrors don't come with some way to hang them on the wall, would it really cost that much more to put a hook similar to that on the back of a picture frame on these mirrors as well? My last full length body mirror just sat propped up against my bedroom wall, looking really tacky.  From all of my moving it around and sitting it on various shoe boxes & tables to get the appropriate height for viewing my whole outfit, the side frames broke off one at a time until all I was left with was the mirror glued to the cardboard backing; it looked like a hot mess. 

I picked up this silver mirror from Walmart for $11 along with the white spool of ribbon for $1 and wall hook for $2, costing me a grand total of $14 as I already had the other supplies.  I always feel like DIY bloggers who say "I already had the other supplies" sound so legit. They talk about how inexpensive this project was to complete and then will rattle off a list of 72 things you need to complete the wooden pallet table, followed by "it only cost me $9.48 in materials, because I already had everything else" Oh okay well I don't already own 4 casters at $7 each, 47 L brackets and organic bamboo rods.  Even if you have to buy everything brand new to complete this project, the glue gun, glue sticks and spray paint shouldn't cost more than an extra $10. (I highly recommend if you are a frequent spray painter or not, to buy the nozzle I have attached to my spray paint can! I have so many failed spray paint attempted projects before using this thing. It cost me less than $8 at Lowe's and it make the spray paint application one million times easier, cleaner and more even. I won't ever spray paint without one.)

All you do for this project is first, spray paint the wall hook whatever color you choose. You can absolutely omit this step if you want and save yourself some time and money.  I wanted my hook to look like it could have come with the mirror, so I painted it silver.  Next, you just flip the mirror over and diagonally hot glue the ribbon to the mirror backing.  As you can see, I didn't think to measure the ribbon placement and it is slightly off center. I was careful to eyeball it as even as I could and once it's hanging it look center, but if you want it perfect, I suggest measuring before gluing. 

and to keep things super classy around here, I slapped some duct tape across the hot glued ribbon for extra hold. I also cut a bow to hot glue around the hook.

And that's it! A super quick, easy and affordable way to hang your full length body mirrors!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoyed this easy DIY!

March 3, 2014

Oscars Fashion Review

Arguably, the most anticipated part of the Oscars, is the red carpet fashion. If I happen to be unable to watch the actual awards show, you better believe I am on my phone Googling "oscars red carpet fashion" moments after it starts and refreshing every so often until I can see who wore what.  Below are my noteworthy picks from the night.

1. Luptia Nyong'o in Prada. If I could wear this dress, I'd half consider getting married in pale blue, it's stunning! Luptia stole my heart at the Golden Globes in that stunning red Ralph Lauren dress, and yet again in this Prada gown. I am excited to see what else is to come from her.

2. Maria Menunos in Johanna Johnson.  First of all she's just  beautiful in general, she could wear a garbage bag and I'd probably still have chosen her as a best dressed contender. I love this dress on her and how her slightly boho braided updo compliments and balances the glamour of the dress without looking too casual. 

3. Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture.  Is there anyone in the world not obsessed with this woman? Again, I love her so much she too could wear a garbage bag and I'd be in her corner rooting her on. I absolutely love how she chose to wear understated accessories (the necklace dips down longer in the back; perfection!) and let that gorgeous red peplum dress take front stage. Also, that hair is fierce.

1. Kate Hudson in Versace. Kate was made to wear plunging necklines, and I love when she does it. This dress is like the more sophisticated old Hollywood version of the infamous green Versace plunging neckline dress J.Lo wore to the Grammys .

2. Anne Hathaway in Gucci. Normally I'm all about the glitz and glamour for the Oscars and think a dress with edge like this would look perfect for the Grammys, but Anne looks flawless. I love this dress and again, how she too let the dress itself be her main accessory keeping all others minimal.

3. Guilianna Rancic in Paolo Sebastian. Oh, G, you are beautiful.  The taupe color of this dress is gorgeous and truthfully a little unexpected.  If there is ever a time to wear a ball gown, the Oscars is it and I think this dress with her hair pulled back into a sleek updo looks beautiful.

all photos via

1. Anna Kendrick in J. Mendel. What is going on? I adore Anna and this dress was a huge let down! To me, there is just too much going on from the pleated bottom half, to the high low cut, to the criss cross at the top (which would have been gorgeous had the rest of the dress been different) to the mesh cut outs to the hideous red embellishment/cut out detail in the middle. This dress looks like something you'd wear dancing the Flamenco on Dancing with the Stars. She's still as gorgeous as ever and her makeup looks beautiful and natural, so points for that.

2.  Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis in Valentino and Prada. Best dressed couple, they look so chic and are absolute perfection! I love that Jason wore a navy suit and black bow tie to compliment Olivia's black gown. Her accessories aren't too much, but add just enough sparkle fort the simplicity of her dress. She really wears pregnancy well!

3. Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Reem Acra. My best dressed pick of the night is Mrs. Channing Tatum. As I said before, to me, the Oscars is the time to go all out in full glamour and that's exactly what Jenna did with this dress. I love her hair pulled back with a few loose face framing pieces to keep the look more elegant and less royal princess. She's got a bit of a train, some sparkle and featheresque ruffles, she nailed it.

So there you have it, my thoughts on a few of the standout red carpet moments from the 2014 Academy Awards. What were your thoughts? Who was your best dressed pick? And I will leave you with this...

My eyes can't handle the all of the cuteness. New celeb couple crush.

February 20, 2014

ipsy February 2014

Hello again! I haven't been around here in quite awhile. I've been in the process of packing up and moving the past couple of weeks, so this little blog baby of mine has been neglected.  I'm finally settling in and should continue posting on a more regular basis again!

Today I want to share with you my February Ipsy bag.  In case you don't know, Ipsy is a monthly subscription service where you pay $10 each month to receive a little bag of 4-5 (I don't think I've ever received less than 5) deluxe or full size beauty products, and usually 4 out of 5 products are full size, if not all of them being full size which was the case with February's bag! At the end of the post I'll tell you the retail value of my $10 bag.

I cheated and looked at Ipsy's website for the "sneak peaks" so I was already excited for quite a few of these products.  First up City Color Be Matte Blush, $2.99, in the shade Fresh Melon. It's a gorgeous peachy melon color with great pigmentation.  It swatched a bit chalky, but seemed to blend out nicely. Next in my bag was a set of J.Cat Eyelashes, $3.99,  in the style EL15. Talk about dramatic! I love false eyelashes, but these are way too bold for me to wear for anything other than NYE maybe.  I may try trimming them and wearing them for a night out. They also come with eyelash glue which is an great bonus!  Also in the bag was a Pop Beauty Plum Pout lip gloss, $16.00, in the color Peony Petal. I know Pop Beauty is a more pricey brand and I've been really pleased with s few of their other products I've tried, so I was really excited to try this out.  While the color isn't one a usually would pick for myself, the product itself is awesome! It's supposed to deliver high shine like a gloss with the staying power of a stain.  I haven't worn it on my lips yet, but the swatch on my hand definitely left a stain. I'm going to play around with this and see how the color looks on me, because I really want this to work for me!  Up next, Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Liner, $12.98 on sale.  This is yet another where the color isn't one I'd ever choose for myself, but the product is fantastic.  I've heard nothing but great things about Mally products and they tend to also be a little more pricey, so I'm definitely going to play around with this and see if I can make it work. I'm thinking smudging it under my lower lash line may be a fun nighttime look. Lastly in my bag was a Zoya Nail Polish, $9.00, in the color Odette.  This is from their new Naturel Collection and I think it's gorgeous, a perfect mauve/purple transition color from Winter to Spring.

Swatched from top to bottom: City Color Be Matte Blush (on the left swatched & on the right, blended out)
Pop Beauty Plump Pout lip gloss
Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner

The retail value for my bag was $44.96! I'd say that's a pretty awesome deal! I highly suggest giving Ipsy a try if you're interested in monthly subscription services. 

February 6, 2014

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans can be tricky, especially when you're 5'2". I love how effortlessly cool they look, but I've always been a little nervous to try them as they tend to make your legs look a bit short, and I don't need any favors in that department. I think the key is pairing them with slightly taller heels, and while I love the look of pants like this with flats, it's just not a look my shorts legs can get away with.  The above pictures inspired me to finally try the trend myself.   What do you think of boyfriend jeans?

Blazer-  Macy's// Jeans-  American Eagle// Shoes- LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's// Sunglasses- Ray Ban

I was in a rush, so I wasn't able to get any other pictures, but I think this pretty much captures the outfit in its entirety.  To get the jeans cuffed, I just gathered them to one side at the bottom hem and sloppily rolled them up.  I think this would look even better with distressed jeans, and will be trying that soon!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!